The 25 Best Inventions of the Year 2013

– TIME Tech


Stuff Gadget Awards 2013: Kickstart of the Year

– Stuff.TV

Squirt, swish, paint in the air

– The Sunday Times

It is simple and addicting to use

– GigaOM

as a consumer electronic for creative projects it is impossible to argue with the 3Doodler’s appeal

– TST Mag

You can draw normally using the colourful plastic as your ink – but with a fantastic twist.

– New Scientist

The most charming member of the show (and one of the most popular)


But one tech startup is hoping to put the fun back into stereolithography.


Racking up thousands of preorders.

– Digital Arts Online UK

It’s a genius and simple idea, but a tad more sophisticated.

– Gizmodo

It has been one of the highlights of [Kickstarter] the crowd-funding site so far.

– Tech Radar

Showstoppers wouldn’t be complete without a couple of totally weird gizmos.

– Mashable


The real stars of the show – the unsung heroes.

– MSN Tech


We’re sure we’ll be 3Doodler da Vincis by the time the device ships.

– Engadget


Can provide an “introduction” or “companion” to 3D printing.

– BBC News Technology


3D-Printing Pen, The 3Doodler, Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal In Hours

– Techcrunch


3Doodler Lets You Hand-Draw 3-D Objects

– Wired


3Doodler is “the 21st century’s newest tool for your toolbox”


The Next Web

WobbleWorks launches Kickstarter project to create the world’s first 3D printing pen

– The Next Web

Popular Science

3-D-Printing Pen Adds Dimension To Your Doodles

– Popular Science

The Telegraph

3D pen allows you to draw in the air

– Telegraph

Computer Arts

World’s first 3D printing pen revealed

– Computer Arts


3Doodler crushes Kickstarter goal in hours

– SlashGear

Daily Mail

Doodling in mid-air: The £30 ‘3D printer’ pen that can create complex sculptures from plastic wire

– The Daily Mail

Fast Company

A 3-D Printing “Pen” Project Hits Kickstarter

– Fast Company

The Verge

World’s first 3D printing pen smashes Kickstarter goal in a few hours

– The Verge

Venture Beat

The $75 3Doodler is a simple, handheld 3D-printing pen

– Venture Beat


3D printing for the masses with 3Doodler pen



3Doodler: world’s first 3D printing pen

– designboom


WobbleWorks announces the world’s first 3D printing pen, shipping in September for $50

– Pocket-lint