3Doodler plastics

3Doodler Plastics Head-To-Head!

One of the most frequent questions we get is what is the difference between the different 3Doodler plastics.

Here is the complete guide of plastics for you.

pla abs flexy
There are three types of materials available for the 3Doodler:




Which heat settings?
What we like to use them for?
3Doodleing on windows, metal, and an array of other surfaces (it sticks better), and for those lovely translucent and glossy 3Doodles. Try the amazing metallic shades too! 3Doodling from stencils, making bendable items (like jewellery or a tiara), spirals, and drawing upwards off the page. Ideal for first time Doodlers! A rubberized plastic that stays flexible long after it dries FLEXY can be used to make bendable figures, clothing, ribbons/bands, and even a wallet that you can use.
Made from:
Plant based Petroleum based Thermoplastic polyurethane
Možnost različnih stopenj prosojnosti Povečini sijoč, a zelo raznolik Lesketajoč in prožen
Options for various translucencies Generally glossy, but very varied Glossy and elastic
Much firmer bond. Adheres very well to acrylic. Not as well suited to peeling off paper as ABS, i.e. more likely to rip the paper off when peeled. Bonds well while being easier to peel off materials such as paper. A firmer bond than ABS, but not as strong as PLA. Not as well suited to peeling off paper as ABS. Bonds well to glass but badly to metal.
Vulnerable to degration due to moisture and sunlight, as well as over-heating in processing, although PLA is more prone to overheating, which can cause dripping and degration. It can drooop if it gets too hot. Vulnerable to degration due to moisture and sunlight, as well as over-heating in processing, but generally more stable and more resistant to chemicals. Similar to ABS.
Hard, but more brittle than ABS when bent. More likely to snap when bent/flexed. Hard, impact resistant and tough, and has a decent flex to it. It’s FLEXY so it’s totally elastic!.

PLA strands: Choose from fresh, fantastic colors!

PLA is resplendent in beautiful colors and it is also easy to manipulate. During yreation it’s worth using your hands as well as the drawn plastic lines keep being a little bit soft for about 5-8 seconds. So, you can still change the shape of the extruded material while it’s cooling down completely. Besides that, PLA sticks to many other materials and therefore you can combine your 3doodle with other objects such as plastic cups, mirrors, glass or wooden things. Create a special frame for your favourite photo, or personalise a fridge magnet as a birthday surprise!

ABS strands: Vers resistant plastic. Fix your broken plastic things!

ABS is a bit more resistant compared to PLA and it adheres to plastic surfaces better than PLA. Therefore it is absolutely perfect for fixing our broken plastic things like phone cases, temples, or other household objects. ABS also hardens quicker so it’s more suitable for drawing in the air. It is also easier to peal it off paper. With ABS you can easily build your own Eiffel tower or draw a statue into thin air!